Tokyo Midtown Design Hub


Meet Design of Today and Tomorrow

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub is a hub in Roppongi, the town of design and art, from where design disseminates. Three organizations specialized in educating, creating, and promoting design collaborate to introduce a wide range of design through exhibitions, seminars and events. The Design Hub is the epicenter of “present” designs. It is a hub for everyone to casually access, encounter, and experience designs. Through its activities, we serve as a learning pivot, helping society to head towards a better tomorrow step by step.


JAGDA Outreach Exhibition For Para-Charity

Exhibitions are open throughout the year. Exhibitions to suggest solutions for social issues, connect designers with businesses, and introduce emerging and/or overseas designers – with “design” as the keyword, we invites people, connecting them with each other.



Seminars, talk shows and workshops take place in the Hub. Furthermore, press conferences and interviews on design are also organized here. We disseminate and promote design to countless people visiting Tokyo Midtown, the town of design and art.



We also offer a place of professional learning. Through symposiums to discuss design issues, seminars on design-oriented corporate management, and workshops for children led by designers and artists, we support efforts to nurture design talents for the next generation.


Tokyo Midtown Design Hub is run by 3 institutions which build the future through design.

  • Japan Graphic Design Association Inc. (JAGDA)

    Japan Graphic Design Association Inc. (JAGDA)

    Established in 1978 as the sole national association for graphic designers in Japan, JAGDA currently holds 3,000 members. Its activities range from almanac publication, exhibitions and seminars, regional development, public design creation to copyright protection.

  • Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP)

    Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP)

    Established in 1969 as Japan’s only comprehensive design promotion organization, Japan Institute of Design Promotion organizes Good Design Award, conducts various design promotion and coordination projects.

  • Tama Art University Bureau

    Tama Art University Bureau

    April 2021 is the launch of a place to connect creativity and aesthetics with society. It will be a new kind of space for innovation, to interaction, and exhibiton. Value through creation – We are providing design and art programs to a wide range of people.

  • International Design Liaison Center

    International Design Liaison Center

    As a center of affiliation focusing on design, the Center supports creation of opportunities for active presentations and exchanges by industries, research and education institutes and design organizations at home and abroad, as well as international talent development efforts. In addition to programs affiliated with Design Hub‘s exhibitions or original events, external organizations can organize events at the venue.


March 30,
Opened on the 5th floor of Midtown Tower at the opening of Tokyo Midtown
Member Organizations: Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (present Japan Institute of Design Promotion), Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (present Japan Graphic Design Association Inc.), Kyushu University School of Design Tokyo Site
Held the 1st exhibition, “Good Design Good Life – Japanese Designs”
Held the 4th exhibition, “Kids Design & Workshop,” which became an annual series
Held the 11th thematic exhibition, “Graphic Design in Japan 2008,” which became an annual series
Held the 13th exhibition, “Good Design Exhibition 2008.” It was the first time for the series to be held at Design Hub
<Kyushu University School of Design Tokyo site> closed
Musashino Art University Design Lounge opened
Held the 50th exhibition, “Packaging Tohoku Products – Deliciously Delightful, Tokyo 2015”
Tokyo Midtown Design-Clubwas launched
Liaison Center Library was launched
Musashino Art University Design Lounge closed
Tama Art University Bureau opened
Held the 100th exhibition, “Figures of Values -Just before and After Disposal-”