Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
OPEN 11:00-19:00
-Design Resonates with DNA- THE 54th JAPAN CRAFTS EXHIBITION

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Special Exhibition

-Design Resonates with DNA- THE 54th JAPAN CRAFTS EXHIBITION


Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, in association with Japan Crafts Design association (JCDA), will hold a special exhibition -Design Resonates with DNA- The 54th JAPAN CRAFTS EXHIBITION from Saturday, 10 – Sunday, 18 January 2015.
Where dose the feeling come from that we want to create something and want to use that resonate with the intention of the creator? The pieces on display are selected and awarded pieces paying attention to the tittle “Design resonates DNA”.
“Hand-Craft” has the powerful charm that can express the process of the creation digitized cannot. The creators make pieces with hands that know precious materials well, with a creative thought and a prominent technique method and aim at the creation meeting the variety of needs of the person precisely. Many of the works that have the feelings of the five senses can be called the act of DNA convey the roots of sensitivity of “Hand-Craft”.

During the session, we will hold material commentary of the exhibited works and the talk session, the workshop for parents and children.

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Special Exhibition
-Design Resonates with DMA- THE 54th JAPAN CRAFTS EXHIBITION

Date Saturday January10 – Sunday January18, 2015
11:00-19:00 (-16:00 on the last day) open daily
Admission free
Venue Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Organizer Japan Craft Design Association
Co-organizer Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Patronage Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan Institute of Design Promotion / THE YOMIURI SHINBUN / NHK
Support Nagaoka Institute of Design / SAKAEGI DESIGN / Okaya Co., Ltd
※This publication was subsidized by JKA through its promotion funds from KEIRIN RACE.

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