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Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 16th Exhibition

Design Yes No


What aspects of today’s society do the eyes of creators regard “Yes” and “No”? The Tokyo Midtown Design Hub will showcase a total of 150 versions of Yes-and-No’s in the form of T-shirts and postcards.

Creators such as designers and architects are striving everyday to produce new creativity in the society that keeps changing dynamically. In the eyes of those creators, what appears to be “Yes” – positive, and “No” – negative? A total of some 150 creators at the forefront of various fields will express their viewpoints in the form of original T-shirts and postcards at the Design Hub. We hope their messages reflecting distinctive personalities will help us make our society filled with more “Yes”.

Dates: Wed 15 April – Sun 31 May 2009
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub