Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Take A Piece of Knowledge Home-Creative Solutions for Social Issues

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Special Exhibition

Take A Piece of Knowledge Home-Creative Solutions for Social Issues


Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Participating Organisations: Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc., Musashino Art University Design Lounge) proudly presents an exhibition titled "Take A Piece of Knowledge Home-Creative Solutions for Social Issues" from 22 Nvember to 26 December.

In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, words like "social contribution" and "volunteer" became our everyday language. However, we have been facing many issues such as environmental destruction or poverty before the disaster hit Japan. This exhibition invites audience not only to read the case studies at the venue, but also to actually bring up to three sheets of exhibition text home as their "knowledge" by donating 100 Yen to the disaster-relief initiatives by UNICEF. The installation, originally designed for this exhibition with cooperation of Nakadai, a company striving to create new values from industrial waste, is also unique in that the visitors can get the feel of waste materials produced by the modern society.

Title: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Special Exhibition: Take A Piece of Knowledge Home-Creative Solutions for Social Issues
Dates: Thursday 22 November -Wednesday 26 December 2012, 11am-7pm (open everyday)
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Midtown Tower 5F)
Admission: Free

Organised by "Take A Piece of Knowledge Home" Exhibition Committee
Co-organised by Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Cooperation byNakadai Co.,Ltd.
Produced by Fukushima Design
Directed by Osamu Fukushima

Endorsed by Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc., Rikuyosha Co., Ltd., Organization of Advertising Creation (OAC)
Cooperation by Nakadai Co.,Ltd., Think the Earth, Greenz, Yoshihito Sato, CROQUIS, Itaru Abe, Ryosuke Kasai, Hiroka Chiba

Donation will be given to Japan Committee for UNICE for their Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Project.
*A total of 218,163 yen was donated. The organiser would like to thank those who kindly contributed.

Exhibited Projects
Susumu Namikawa (Nepia 1000-Toilets Project), Koji Mizutani (Merry Project), Daisuke Yanagisawa (On-the-move Office in Sendai), Soichi Ueda (Think the Earth), Naoyuki Sato (Tasukeai Japan), Ryo Yamazaki (community design),
Masaaki Ikeda (Mainichi Earth Day), Miyako Maekita (White Band Campaign), Makoto Umebara (Shimanto Newspaper Bag), Kiyotaka Yamana (Cry Out Your Love for Wife in the Cabbage Field), Ikuma Saga ("Pro Bono"), Haruka Mera (Readyfor?), Nao Suzuki (Web Magazine ""), Hisashi Ueda (Elephant Paper), Kazufumi Nagai (Tap Project), Takuto Motomura (Design to Change the World Exhibition), Tetsuhiro Nambu (Miçanga from Beach), Nobumitsu Oseko (charity exhibitions)

merry.jpg    TAP.jpg
Merry Project by Koji Mizutani Tap Project by Kazufumi Nagai

Talk Sessions
[1] Fri 7 Dec, 19:30-22:00 "What is New Style of Social Projects?"
Nao Suzuki (, Takuto Motomura (Grandma), Haruka Mera (Readyfor?)
[2] Sat 8 Dec, 14:00-16:30 "Aligning with Corporations for New Social Projects"
Soichi Ueda (Think the Earth), Kiyotaka Yamana (Scop), Susumu Namikawa (Dentsu)
Venue: International Design Liaison Center
Admission: Free(reservation required)