Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Graphic Design in Japan 2012

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 34th Exhibition

Graphic Design in Japan 2012


Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (participating organisations: Japan Institute of Design Promotion [JDP], Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. [JAGDA], and Musashino Art University Design Lounge) will hold the 34th exhibition, Graphic Design in Japan 2012, from Friday 22nd June.
The Japan Graphic Designers Association, one of the largest design organizations in Asia, publishes a design annual "Graphic Design in Japan". To commemorate the launch of its 2012 edition, JAGDA presents the state-of-the-art graphic design in Japan by showcasing 300 pieces from the book, ranging from general merchandises, books, packages, symbols and logos, posters, websites and moving images, spatial design for exhibitions and shops, to multidisciplinary ad campaigns.

Title: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 34th Exhibition: Graphic Design in Japan 2012
Dates: Friday, 22 June - Sunday, 29 July 2012, 11:00-19:00 (open throughout the term)
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Entry: Free Admission
Organized by Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Executed by Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA)
With Cooperation by Frameman Co.Ltd, and Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd.

Related Events
1) Opening Reception
Date: Thursday, 21 June 2012, 18:00-20:00 (open to public)

2) Talk events
We invite this year's JAGDA Award winners and a prize nominee in the newly-established Combined Category to explore stories behind their awarded projects. Each event is hosted by the chief editor of "Graphic Design in Japan 2012".
- Dates and Speakers:
Tue, 3 July, 7pm-8:30pm; Aoshi Kudo, Kazunari Hattori, andKatsuhiko Shibuya
Wed, 25 July, 7pm-8:30pm; Koji Iyama, Hiroaki Nagai, andKatsuhiko Shibuya
- Fee: 1,000 Yen per session (reservation from website required)
- Language: Japanese only
- Venue: International Design Liaison Center

JAGDA Annual "Graphic Design in Japan 2012"
JAGDA, one of the largest design organizations in Asia, has introduced outstanding designs in the Graphic Design in Japan annual every year since 1981. These designs, selected through a strict selection process, are introduced with a large number of pictures and are recommended with confidence. Some 600 designs are categorized and presented with the purpose of production for each work. "Combined Design" category is newly introduced this yearto enable designers to submmit works covering different design genres as one project. In addition, a list of JAGDA members by prefecture and indexes of copywriters and photographers are included. This is an unprecedented design almanac, a collection of world-class graphic designs created by Japanese designers, which also serves as a database.

- Contents: The 14th Yusaku Kamekura Design Award / JAGDA Awards 2012 / JAGDA New Designer Awards 2012/ Posters / General Graphics / CI, VI, Symbols, Logotypes & Typefaces / Book & Editorial Design / Package Design / Newspaper & Magazine Advertising / Interactive Design & Motion Graphics / Ambient Design & Spatial Graphics / Combined Design
- Format: A4 size / hard cover with case / 484 pages
- Chief Editor: Katsuhiko Shibuya
- Book Design: Katsura Marubashi
- Edit/Publication: JAGDA
- Order/Inquiry: Rikuyosha
- Price: 15,750Yen