Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Graphic Design and Co-Creation with AI

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 78th Exhibition

Graphic Design and Co-Creation with AI


Tokyo Midtown Design Hub presents an exhibition “Graphic Design and Co-Creation with AI” from February Fri 25 -Fri 29 March, 2019.

With the evolution of technology, digital media continues to change and prevail.
This exhibition focuses on graphics based on computing techniques and digital media with digital environment such as internet as its playing field.
Classifying the relationship of computer and graphic design by periods – Pre-Digital Media (before 1970s), CG (1980s), Multimedia (1990s) and Web Advertising (2000s) – we present pioneering works which utilized computer not as a tool but as an environment or a material.
Assuming the era of technological singularity (beyond 2045), when the explosive development of AI makes the future model unpredictable, as near future, we present works that suggest the future of graphic design with new media.

Friday 15 March –Friday 29 March 2019
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Midtown Tower 5F)
Open Daily 11am–7pm / Admission Free

Organized by Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Produced by Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.
In cooperation with: Qosmo, Inc.; Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd; The Asahi Shimbun Company.; Adobe Systems Co., Ltd.; Kotobuki Shiriagari; Too Corporation