Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Graphic Design in Japan 2011

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 28th Exhibition

Graphic Design in Japan 2011


Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Participating organizations: Japan Industrial Design Organization [JIDPO], Japan Graphic Designers Association [JAGDA], and Kyushu University Faculty of Design Tokyo Lounge) will hold the 28th exhibition, Graphic Design in Japan 2010, from Friday June 18th.

JAGDA, one of the largest design organizations in Asia, publishes a design annual "Graphic Design in Japan" every year. To commemorate the publication of its 2010 edition in June, the exhibition showcases a total of 300 pieces in the book, ranging from daily products, books, packages, symbols and logos, posters, advertising to space design of exhibitions and shops.
Talk shows by the winners of "JAGDA Award 2010" will also be held at the exhibition venue.


Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 28th Exhibition:
Graphic Design in Japan 2011
Friday 10 June to Monday 18 July, 2011, 11:00-19:00
(open throughout the term)
Tokyo Midtown Design Hu
(Midtown Tower 5F, 9-7-1 Minato-ku, Akasaka, Tokyo)
Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA)

Related events
Talk sessionss by the winners of JAGDA Award 2011 will be held at the exhibition venue.
[Dates and Speakers]
Mon, 13 June, 19:00–20:30; Taku Satoh, Yoshie Watanabe, and Junya Kamada
Thurs, 23 June, 19:00–20:30; Masaaki Hiromura, Kazunari Hattori, and Issay Kitagawa
[Fee] 1,000 Yen per session (reservation required from website:
[Language] Japanese only

Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) / PR: Ms. Kudo, Ms. Park
Tel. 03-5770-7509 Fax. 03-3479-7509

Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.:
Founded in 1978. 2010-2011 President : Mitsuo Katsui.
With approximately 2,800 members, JAGDA is one of the largest design organizations in Asia. Its broad activities include the publication of yearbooks and textbooks, the hosting of exhibitions and seminars, regional development, the protection of members' rights and welfare, undertaking projects commissioned by the government, promoting international exchange, and many more.

Annual "Graphic Design in Japan 2011"

This is an unprecedented design almanac, published every year since 1981.
It presents selected works by JAGDA members produced throughout the previous year.
For 2010 edition, the annual has applied with FM screen-printing and varnish to achieve quality completion.

(Yusaku Kamekura Design Awards 2011 / JAGDA Awards 2011 / JAGDA New Designer Awards 2011 / Posters / General Graphics / CI, VI, Symbols, Logotypes & Typefaces / Book & Editorial Design / Package Design / Newspaper & Magazine Advertising / Interactive Design & Motion Graphics / Ambient Design & Spatial Graphics)

Format: A4 size / hard cover with case / 472 pages
Chief Editor: Taku Satoh
Book Design: Kazuya Kondo
Edit / Publication: JAGDA
Order / Inquiry:Rikuyosha
Price: 15,750Yen

Awarded works for 2011
JAGDA Web site "Awards" page