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JAGDA Outreach Exhibition Part 3  Hurray Hurray Handkerchiefs

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 84th Exhibition

JAGDA Outreach Exhibition Part 3 Hurray Hurray Handkerchiefs


Since 2018, the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) has been supporting artists and athletes with disabilities by making the most of design’s power to connect. The theme for 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games is held, is handkerchiefs. They can be turned into a flag, so you can show your support for athelets by inserting a stick on one side. Designers select works (excluding some) registered at Able Art Company, a library of works by challenged artists, and design a handkerchief. They will be on display starting from Tokyo and travel across Japan with sales going to charity. Designers put their professional skills to use as volunteers, and donate the proceeds of sales, minus the artists' usage fees and manufacturing costs, to the Paralympians Association of Japan.

art: Seiyamizu design: Hitomi Sago

Dates: Friday 17 January – Tuesday 18 February 2020
Open daily 11:00–19:00 / Admission free
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Midtown Tower 5F)
Organizer: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Produced by: Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.

●Opening Talk
Date: Friday 17 January 2020, 6:00pm–7:30pm
Venue: Room 6, Midtown Conference (Midtown Tower 4F)
*Drinks reception from 7:30pm–8:30pm at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Speakers: TBA (Paralympians Association of Japan), Seiyamizu (registered artist, Able Art Company), Hitomi Sago (JAGDA)
Moderators: Osamu Fukushima (Chair, JAGDA Exhibition Committee), Shoko Nakatsuka (Tokyo Secretariat, Able Art Company)
Admission free / Reservation required from Design Hub website

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