Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Graphic Design in Japan 2022

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 97th Exhibition

Graphic Design in Japan 2022


To commemorate the publication of design annual “Graphic Design in Japan 2022”, JAGDA showcases the latest graphic designs from general merchandises, advertising campaigns, to spatial design and more.


Main Visual: Yuri Uenishi

Dates: Friday 30 June – Thursday 11 August 2022
Open daily 11:00–19:00 / Admission free
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Midtown Tower 5F)
Organizer: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Produced by: Japan Graphic Design Association Inc.

Talk Event (online)
Date: Friday 5 August, PM7:10-8:40
Format: Zoom Webinar (booking required | free of charge | the event will not be archived)
Haruka Misawa (Jury, Graphic Design in Japan 2022; JAGDA Award 2022 winner)
Miori Takeda (JAGDA New Designer Award 2022 winner)
Yuri Uenishi (Jury, Graphic Design in Japan 2022; book design of 2022 Annual)
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JAGDA Annual
Graphic Design in Japan 2022
The book contains selected 600 works with 1,500 plates, presenting the latest world-class graphic designs created by Japanese designers, which also serves as a database.

Posters, General Graphics/CI, VI, Symbols, Logotypes & Typefaces/Book & Editorial Design/Package Design/Newspaper & Magazine Advertising/Ambient Design & Spatial Graphics/Digital Media/Videos/Integrated Design

– Editor-in-Chief: Masahiro Kakinokihara
– Book Design: Yuri Uenishi
– Edit/Publication: Japan Graphic Design Association Inc.
– Price: 16,500 Yen (tax excluded)

Please note:
Tokyo Midtown Design Hub is taking measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus by managing air ventilation and sanitising facilities. Visitors are requested to wear face masks, disinfect fingers at the entrance, not to touch the exhibits, and keep social distance.