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Figures of Values -Just before and After Disposal-

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 100th Exhibition

Figures of Values -Just before and After Disposal-


Mass production and consumption, as well as energy dependence, have caused widespread environmental destruction and climate change. Riddled with such pressing concerns, we must now confront the challenges of achieving a sustainable and circular economy.

While a fundamental transformation of our various systems and industries is required, each one of us also must change our way of thinking and cannot just stand idly by.

At Tama Art University, we have been asking society the difficult questions by exploring the issues surrounding sustainability and circularity through our “Disposal for Design” Project, started in 2021.

In this exhibition, we delve into the definition of “waste” that we generate in our everyday lives.

“What is waste and what isn’t? Where do we draw the line?”

By focusing on that boundary, we hope to change our perception of the waste we see in our daily lives.

This exhibition will showcase a diverse range of insights into how today’s prominent designers and creators view the act of disposal and the value they put on things and goods. We will also introduce examples from Japan and other parts of the world regarding circular economy. We would like these case studies and our students’ works to serve as an opportunity for us all to further think about this issue and the shift in our perception of waste together.

Dates: 2022.12.5.mon-12.25.sun 11am-7pm
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Midtown Tower 5F)
open everyday / admission free

Organized by Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Produced by Tama Art University Bureau