Tokyo Midtown Design Hub

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Special Exhibition

Design the Future: Business with Social Innovation in 2030


This exhibition explores the potential social impact of projects led by some of the leading corporations in Japan using cutting edge technologies and innovative business ideas. The display takes an unique approach to feature 'how these projects may evolve to shape the world' through an eye of design. The exhibition will take visitors on an inspirational journey to imagine visions of the future facilitated by social innovation.

Explore exciting display of state-of-the-art business models that may trigger social innovation for the future. Social issues we face today - such as population growth, environmental problems, and community reforms - could impose negative heritage on next generations, if the conditions were not radically changed. How can business and industries transform the society? This exhibition provides the rare opportunity to visualise potential solutions for such issues, which are facilitated by innovative projects and creative business ideas. Discover visions for the future as captured and designed by social innovation built upon models of some leading corporations.

Dates: Fri 16 May – Tue 11 June 2013
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Organiser: The Nippon Foundation
Co-organiser: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub