Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Design in Japan 2010

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 21st Exhibition

Design in Japan 2010


In a world that is becoming progressively more sophisticated and complex, what is the future for design? Defining the future for design and determining what lies ahead for our day-to-day lives and the earth’s environment if we continue on our present course are issues that have much in common. For this exhibition, we invited five curators to consider what it will take to overcome global environmental and economic concerns by probing the issue in terms of the future of design and Japanese society. They engaged in vigorous discussions that addressed the issue of how to break out of the shell of narrowly-defined design and take it to the forefront of manufacturing and urban development. We hope the visitors will enjoy the exhibition that emerged from this exchange of views, marking something of a departure from traditional design exhibitions.

Title: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 5th anniversary / 33rd Exhibition "Credible Designs"
Date: April 8 (Thur) - May 9 (Sun), 2010, 11:00-19:00
Open everyday during the exhibition
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Admission: Free

Organizer: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
(Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc., Kyushu University Faculty of Design Tokyo Lounge)

Art Direction: Kei Matsushita
Venue Design: Kansuke Kawashima
Editing, Copy Writing: Mamoru Sugiyama

Themes and Curators :

  • Romance and Design: Masaaki Hiromura (Art Director)
  • Food and Study Design: Teruo Kurosaki (Design Producer)
  • Japanese Aircraft and Design: Kazuhiko Hachiya (Media Artist)
  • Region and Design: Masashi Sogabe (architect)
  • Humid Design: Fumie Shibata (Industrial Designer)