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Good Design Exhibition 2014

Good Design Exhibition 2014


Tokyo Midtown Design Hub is pleased to announce the opening of Good Design Exhibition 2014 from October 31 to November 4 introduce this year’s winning entries in Japan’s renowned Good Design Award program.
An international design event drawing many visitors from Japan, Asia, and beyond, the exhibition introduces all winning entries for the year, as submitted by designers and companies from Japan and around the world. The broad scope of design evaluated in the program now spans both hardware (in the form of manufactured products, architecture, and much more) and software (including applications and content) and extends to urban development, CSR activities, and other spheres. This makes the winning entries quite diverse, yet all will be on display at Good Design Exhibition 2014.
Visitors can also see special exhibitions by design-focused companies, watch presentations by eminent invited designers, and purchase award-winning products. Overall, the event is viewed by the organizer as an opportunity to demonstrate the power of good design at work in society.

Exhibition Overview
Dates: October 31 -November 4, 2014 (Friday–Tuesday)
Place : Tokyo Midtown
Time : 11:00-20:00 (last day close at 18:00)
Admission General : ¥1,000 (no fee required for some areas)
Organized : Japan Institute of Design Promotion

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